Shana E. Thompson

Shana E. Thompson

Shana E. Thompson has achieved success by listening carefully, understanding her clients’ long-term objectives, and helping resolve dissolutions as amicably and expeditiously as possible. In 2022, she received a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating, awarded to only those lawyers with the highest ethical standards and professional ability.

For the past 18 years, Shana E. Thompson has been proudly serving individuals in family law cases throughout the cities of Seattle, Everett, and Kent. Her client base has been built through hard work and determination, allowing her to become what she is today. She takes great pride in providing top-level service and promises your complete satisfaction when you choose her to handle your family law needs.

As with many Northwesterners, Shana is a dog person. Where she goes, so go her four-legged friends. She finds it so sad that in divorces, the court treats pets as property. When there is a dispute, the court generally places a value on your pet, gives that pet to one spouse, and provides the other spouse an “offset” in the rest of the property division for the monetary value of your pet. Shana knows that you cannot put a price on a loved one, and will do everything possible to help her clients protect their relationships with their pets. She has devised pet visitation schedules for past clients—something which can only be done through mediation.

Often, when parents separate, one parent relocates out of Washington State and long-distance transportation of children becomes something many clients have to coordinate. It is a challenge with which Shana is personally familiar, having been to the airport at 4 a.m. with her unaccompanied minor. She knows the anxiety of putting your child on a plane and the long absences that follow. She empathizes with her clients, and is right there, ready to assist in arranging the best possible long distance residential schedules for their children.

Shana is dedicated to providing you with the right services for all your divorce needs. Shana is always learning, educating herself on the latest court cases and changes to statutes that affect the practice of family law. Shana advises her clients on the current law and the effect it will have on your case.

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